Dependence of the karstic waters in the Tatra Mts. on changing atmospheric conditions

Grzegorz Barczyk, Włodzimierz Humnicki, Grażyna Żurawska


The paper presents data obtained from continuous limnimetric observations of the Tatra vaucluse type springs carried out in the interval 1999-2000. The comparison of 24-hour changes of the water level for particular vaucluse springs and the characteristic levels indicate a distinct correlation of the spring reaction to atmospheric changes, which is confirmed by comparison of correlation coefficients. Analysis of hydrograms from particular vaucluse springs during spring thawing, and their distinct bipartition, allows the determination of the filling times of local groundwater basins (over 7 days). Interpretation of changes in water levels for the vaucluse springs during a rainfall episode that caused the maximum filling of the massif, reveals 6-8 hours as the time of rainfall/water level reaction for the Tatra vaucluse type springs.


Tatra Mountains, Karstic waters, Vaucluse type springs

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