Calcareous tufas in the soligenous mires of eastern Poland as an indicator of the Holocene climatic changes

Radosław Dobrowolski, Tomasz Durakiewicz, Anna Pazdur


Measurements of stable carbon and oxygen isotope composition and radiocarbon datings of sediments of soligenous mires from the Lublin Upland (E Poland) were used for reconstruction of palaeoenvironmental changes during the last 10 ka. Six depositional phases of the Holocene calcareous tufas were recognized: 10.3-9.9; 8.0-7.5; 6.7-6.5; 6.0-5.6; 2.5-1.7; 1.0-0.6 ka BP. They corresponded to the periods of relatively warm and humid climatic conditions.


Calcareous tufa, Soligenous mire, Climate change, Holocene, Eastern P

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