New tabulate corals from the Tournaisian of the Cracow area, Poland

Mikołaj K. Zapalski


The paper presents the results of investigations of tabulate corals from the Lower Carboniferous (Upper Tournaisian, Gnathodus cuneiformis Zone) from several exposures in the Dębnik Anticline (Silesia-Cracow Upland, southern Poland). Two taxa representing the Favositida, Roemeripora nowinskii sp. nov. and Roemeripora sp., and one species representing the Syringoporida, Pleurosiphonella cf. virginica (NELSON), are described. The presence of Michelinia tenuisepta (PHILLIPS) is noted. The genus Pleurosiphonella TCHUDINOVA is recognised in the Carboniferous of Europe for the first time.


Tabulata, Tournaisian, Moravia – Silesia Basin, Dębnik Anticline

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