Reconstruction of crystallisation temperature of artificially grown H-analcimes by means of the IR and fluid inclusion studies

Ewa Słaby, Andrzej Kozłowski


A method of reconstruction of the crystallisation temperature (Tc) of analcime has been proposed. The method is based on the compilation of two data sets: the IR absorption spectra and fluid inclusion study results. The water position in the analcime structure depends on the crystallisation temperature. Certain bands in the IR absorption spectrum are sensitive to the change in the temperature conditions of the analcime formation. Moreover, the IR absorption band positions are also influenced by the composition of the crystallisation system as well as by the crystallisation time. For more precise information about Tc, fluid inclusion studies were performed. They provide additional data about salt concentrations in the crystallisation system, water behaviour in the analcime structure and crystallisation temperature.


H-analcime, Crystallisation temperature, Temperature reconstruction, IR study, Fluid inclusion, Zeolitic structure

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