Early Pliocene heteropods and pteropods (Mollusca, Gastropoda) from SantaMaria Island (Azores, Portugal): systematics and biostratigraphic implications

Arie W. Janssen, Andreas Kroh, Sergio P. Avila


Aholoplanktonic mollusc assemblage from Neogene sediments of theAzorean island Santa Maria is described and analysed to determine the age of the sediments. Sixteen taxa are documented (three heteropods, thirteen pteropods), fourteen of which are new records for the fossil fauna of SantaMaria Island. The composition of the heteropod and pteropod assemblage indicates a Zanclean age, which contrasts with earlier age assignments to the Early, Middle or LateMiocene based on benthicmolluscs, but is in good agreement withmore recent data based on foraminiferal and geochemical evidence.

The pteropod Cavolinia marginata (BRONN, 1862) is re-described based on abundant topotypic material and a neotype is designated. The species Cavolinia vendryesiana (GUPPY, 1873) is considered to be a junior subjective synonym of C. marginata. The temporal range of the pteropod Limacina trochiformis (D’ORBIGNY, 1836) is extended
to the Zanclean.


Mollusca, Heteropoda, Pteropoda, Pliocene, Biostratigraphy, Azores, Northern Atlantic

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