New data on the stratigraphy of the folded Miocene Zone at the front of the Ukrainian Outer Carpathians

Aida S. Andreyeva-Grigorovich, Nestor Oszczypko, Andrzej Ślączka, Marta Oszczypko-Clowes, Natalia A. Savitskaya, Natalia Trofimovicz


The litho- and biostratigraphy (calcareous nannofossils and foraminifera) were studied in several sections of the foldedMiocene Zone (Boryslav–Pokuttya and Sambir nappes) of the Ukrainian Outer Carpathians. Based on new biostratigraphic data, the age and correlation of the folded Miocene deposits in the marginal part of the Ukrainian and Polish Outer Carpathians were established. The deposits studied range fromthe EarlyMiocene (Early Burdigalian NN2 Zone) to the early LateMiocene (NN9 Zone). The facies and similarity in ages of the youngest deposits of the folded Middle Miocene strata in Poland [Stebnik (Sambir) Nappe and Zgłobice thrust-sheets] and in Ukraine (Sambir Nappe) implies that they were folded at same time and that they represent a similar system of tectonic units, developed in front of the advancing Carpathian orogen.


Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, Calcareous nannoplankton, Miocene, Boryslav–Pokuttya and Sambir Nappes, Outer Carpathians, Ukraine

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