Late Famennian ?Chaetosalpinx in Yavorskia (Tabulata): the youngest record of tabulate endobionts

Mikołaj Zapalski, Emilie Pinte, Bruno Mistiaen


Tabulate corals are sometimes associated with other organisms occurring within their skeletons. These tabulate endobionts are common in Lower Palaeozoic (Ordovician and Silurian) and Devonian strata, but until now they have not been recognized in strata younger than early Frasnian. Here we report ?Chaetosalpinx sp. occurring within the skeletons of the tabulate coral Yavorskia sp. (Favositida, Cleistoporidae) from the latest Famennian (“Strunian”) in the Etroeungt area (Northern France). It can be stated that these endobionts survived the Frasnian–Famennian boundary crisis and recovered in the Late Famennian.


Parasitism, Commensalism, Strunian, Famennian, Tabulata, Chaetosalpinx, Ardennes

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