Przyczynek do analizy orientacji kwarcu w fałdach z krystaliniku niemczańsko- kamienieckiego

Helena Dziedzicowa


Quartz orientation analyses from folds in the crystalline massif of Niemcza-Kamieniec (Lower Silesia)

The orientation of quartz, partly also of micas from two mesoscopic folds, has been anaIysed, using the Sander-Ladurner method of "unrolling" the folds. An analysis has also been made of the statistical means and of the asymmetry of distribution of the optic axes of quartz. Homogeneity of quartz orientation has been observed in fold F1 beIonging to the meridional structures. On the basis of the symmetry of mineral orientation it has been possible to determine the kinetic B axis, statistically coinciding with the meridional linear structures (F1 and L1). Heterogeneity of quartz orientation has been observed in the younger fold F2, with a NW plunge of axis. This orientation is symmetric in relation to the older lineation L1, kinematically passive in the course of the second folding

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