Tektonika północno-wschodniej części karbonu noworudzkiego

Kazimierz Dziedzic


Tectonics of the Carboniferous deposits in the north-eastern part of the Nowa Ruda coal basin (Sudetes)

A description is given the tectonics of the Carboniferous deposits from the north-eastern part of the Nowa Ruda coal basin at the boundary of the Intrasudetic basin with the Bardo structure. The presence is reported of Lower Namurian siltstones which represent here the passage of the deposits of the Upper Visean into those of the Namurian. The tectonic structure of the young Paleozoic cover on the substratum of gabbroidal rocks is a result of its compression between the thrusted blocks. This process was realized by the prolongation of faults from the substratum into the sedimentary cover. The formation of this structure took place gradually beginning with the younger Paleozoic. The hiatus within the Upper Carboniferous deposits is referable to a time of weaker stress. The deformation pattern was not altered during its long development.

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