Dolny torton Niskowej koło Nowego Sącza

Wacław Bałuk


The Lower Tortonian at Niskowa near Nowy Sącz, Polish Carpatians

Twenty layers, differing in lithological development and faunal composition, have been distinguished in the profile of marine Tortonian deposits at Niskowa on western slopes of Nowy Sącz depression (Polish Carpathians). In addition to many foraminifers, gastropods, and pelecypods the rich faunal assemblage contains corals, polychaetes, bryozoans, brachiopods, ostracods, chitons, scaphopods, echinoids, starfishes (isolated ossicles) and fishes (mostly otoliths). The analysis of the fauna assemblages occurring in individual layers has enabled a determination of the sedimentary environment. On the basis of paleontological studies and of the relation to the Carpathian flysch, the stratigraphic position of the deposits at Niskowa has been determined as the Lower Opolian.

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