Early Frasnian sharks from central Iran

Vachik Hairapetian, Michał Ginter, Mehdi Yazdi


Two limestone bone-beds in the early Frasnian of the Chahriseh section, central Iran, yielded numerous chondrichthyan teeth and scales. The fauna includes, most probably, only two taxa: a hitherto unknown aztecodontid omalodontiform, Manberodus fortis gen. et sp. nov., and a multicuspid phoebodontiform, provisionally referred to as Phoebodus cf. latus GINTER & IVANOV, 1995. A new omalodontiformfamily, Aztecodontidae, including Aztecodus LONG& YOUNG, 1995 and Manberodus gen. nov., is proposed.


Chondrichthyes, Teeth, Scales, Omalodontiformes, Phoebodontiformes, Frasnian, Iran

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