New chondrichthyan teeth from the Early Carboniferous of Britain and Russia

Christopher J. Duffin, Alexander Ivanov


Ginteria fungiforma gen. et sp. nov. is described on the basis of isolated teeth from the Viséan (Brigantian) of the Matlock Limestone Formation of Derbyshire, England and the Late Viséan (Msta Formation) of the Novgorod District, and the Early Serpukhovian (Steshev Formation) of the Moscow District in Russia. The teeth are very small (0.54 mm maximum tooth height) with a deeply incised, pedestal-like crown/base junction separating the orthodont, enameloid-covered, unornamented crown from a base of overall anachronistid design.Alingually-offset occlusal crest lacks cusps and divides the crown into a short lingual section and a triangular labial section with a slightly concave surface, expanded to form a pronounced labial flange.


Viséan-Serpukhovian, Carboniferous, Anachronistidae, Ginteria gen.nov., England, Russia

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